A Fully-Fledged WordPress And Woocommerce Team To Manage Your Website 24/7, 365 Days

We do all the heavy lifting to baby sit your website constantly by offering:

Source: Juan Pablo Rojas @LottieFiles

Robust Security

To thwart vulnerabilities, malware, and hackers

Unlimited Edits

Small or big, we can edit your site without limits

Optimized Database

To keep your site light, clean, and junk-free

Plugin Setups

We configure and manage unlimited plugins for you

Enhanced Speed

To load pages faster for a better user experience

Updated Sites 24/7

We update all your core, themes, and plugins

On-Demand Support

That's fast and friendly without long queues

Full Cloud Backups

That automates daily with seamless restores points

Improve Your Website For Free!

With 1 simple free tool and a push of a button you can increase page load speed by on average 27% and kill 99.9% of malware and spam for good!

Worry less, free up resources, and allow less interruptions for your visitors!

WP Tech Care Improve Website Home Page
Background Image 30000 Websites
Background Image 49 Percent Wordpress
Background Image 61 Percent Wordpress
30000 Websites Infected With Malware
0 sites

Infected with malware daily

61 Percent Of Wordpress Sites Outdated
0 % of WordPress sites

Not running the latest version

49 Percent Wordpress Sites Old Version
0 % of WordPress sites

Are infected due to outdated core, theme, and plugins


70% Of WordPress Sites Are Vulnerable To Malware And Attacks

This can...

Happen because your site isn't updated regularly

When plugins or software are no longer supported by the developer

Blacklist your site on search engines affecting your visibility

Problem 1 Wordpress Malware

Cause you to miss revenue generating opportunities

Cost your business on average more than $200K to remediate (source cnbc)

Cause priceless business and clientele data loss to a hacker


Your Website Isn't Optimized For Speed

This can...

Happen when you have too many plugins installed

Happen when your database is bloated with junk and not regularly cleaned up

Happen when you don’t have cache enabled

Happen when you don’t compress images and videos

Problem 2 Website Not Optimized

Happen when your hosting provider has sluggish servers

Happen when you aren't connected to a content delivery network (CDN)

Cause more lost sales from people leaving your site

Negatively affect search engine optimization (SEO)


Improper Configuration Of Plugins And Infrequent Content Updates

This can...

Happen because of time scarcity

Break your site if you install the wrong plugins or incorrectly configure them

Cause you to spend significant time learning how to properly set up plugins

Problem 3 Improper Plugin Configuration

Cause you to expend a lot of time testing new plugins

Cause you to waste precious time fixing any issues related to the new plugin

Make your site obsolete when you don’t have time updating it with fresh content

Now! Stop Wasting Valuable Time Fixing These Problems And Leave All That Boring, Dirty Work To Us!

We'll Fully Maintain And Oversee Your WordPress And WooCommerce Websites Without You Having To Cry, Lose Money, And Quit Your Business!


1 Security Management

Security Management

Through our robust prevention and detection system, your website will be shielded against threats, spam, malware, hackers, and breaches.

Firewall Protection

Brute Force Protection

Two-Factor Authentication

Full Site Malware Scan

And Much Much More...


2 Performance Management

Performance Management

We optimize your page load speed with a goal of under 2 seconds by trimming all the unnecessary "fat" that kills your performance without having you lift a single finger.

Image And Video Compression

Image And Video Lazy-Loading

Content Delivery Network (CDN )

Browser Caching

And Much Much more...


3 Update Management

Update Management

We constantly update your site under safe guidelines with the latest core, theme, and plugins to ensure your "engine" is well-oiled and error-free.

Updates Take Place During Non-Peak Hours

Offer Best Tips On Any Obsolete Or Unsupported Plugins

Updates Are Tested Thoroughly

Update Errors Are Swiftly Fixed

And Much Much More...


Unlimited Web Management

Whether you're running an eCommerce store, blog, or just a simple landing page, we'll take care of ALL your edits. There is NO limit to the number of changes you can make!

Adding/Removing Images, Text, And Videos

Fixing Typos, Broken Links, 404 Pages

Changing Headers And Footers

Creating New Landing Pages

And Much Much More...

4 Unlimited Web Management
5 Emergency Management


Emergency Management

If anything goes haywire, whether you get locked out of your website, experience a fatal hiccup, or a white screen of death, we'll extinguish this "site storm" to keep crisis at bay.

24/7 Automated Uptime Monitoring To Check If Site Is Up And Running

Sites Are Meticulously Monitored For Downtime

Full, Fast, And Efficient Transparent Communication

Full Backups Are In Place To Mitigate Data Loss

And Much Much More...


Backup Management

Our fully automated cloud backup module takes either a complete or partial backup of your website without any user intervention. Perfect use-case scenario for when sh*t hits the fan!

Multiple Backups

Backups Stored On Amazon's Secured And Reliable Cloud

Choose What To Save In Backups

Backups Are Archived 90 Days

And Much Much More...

6 Daily Backup Management

Wptechcare Is Perfect For Any Business, Side Job, Or Hobby!

Bloggers Or Freelancers

Bloggers Or Freelancers

Blogging and freelancing can be stressful because content needs to be fresh, updated consistently, and dynamic. Moreover, the daily task of answering visitor's comments can be laborious.

But by having us near your side to ensure your website's functionality is up-to-par, you can focus more time in what you love to do - that's content creation and building a strong connection with your audience!



Whether you're a coach, affiliate marketer, marketing consultant, or a marketing guru, we can step in to be your IT infrastructure team. You'll purely focus on sales and we'll handle all the techie moving parts of your business.

With our combined synergistic effort, you'll reach your sales goals faster! Headache-free; stress-free; worry-free! We're your full time WordPress concierge team ready to monitor your site 180 degrees.


Woocommerce Or Online Store

New to Woocommerce or can't set it up? Not sure how to charge sales or value added tax (VAT)? Or, even worse, how about neglecting your store as you're too busy fulfilling orders, sending emails, and replenishing out-of-stock items?

Well, if that's the case, Wptechcare can't be any more than a perfect fit for you. Our squad will put a long end to these monumental pain points. From day one, we'll set up and manage all the important internal configurations to ensure your Woocommerce store runs efficiently and smoothly for your customers.

Wordpress Other Business

Any Other WordPress Business

The best, most convenient part of our support is you can use us for any kind of business. It doesn't matter if you're selling diapers, accounting services, or a health eBook. So long as your website was built on WordPress or Woocommerce, we can be of utmost assistance!

You no longer need to hire someone from upwork or fiverr for segregated tasks. That gets too messy and disorganized. Instead, a much better solution is us being your go-to channel on a full time, ongoing, and life-long basis!

Get All The Help You Need Now!

Unlimited, 24/7 WordPress and Woocommerce support, plugin configuration, updates, security, performance, and web design edits