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To guarantee your requests gets processed timely without delays or inefficiencies, please follow these instructions carefully!

1. Use Loom For Free For Video Screenshots

We highly recommend to use the free tool called Loom to record a short video describing your problem, request, or edits. You can either download it as a Chrome extension if you're using Chrome browser or desktop app if you're using Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Click here to download

2. Include Screenshots

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and there's definitely more truth to this claim when it boils down to communication. Since all our conversations are done through email, we recommend to include screenshots whenever necessary.

Not only will screenshots save time, but reduce further back-and-forths.

We recommend Lightshot since it's free, easy, and cross-compatible across all operating systems and most browsers.

We recommend if possible to download the Chrome or Firefox extension because you wouldn't need to upload any files into our system. After taking a screenshot using the browser extension, you just click the upload button to upload the image on Lightshot cloud.

Once the image is uploaded, you can then copy and the default Lightshot URL and paste that link into our support form.

Lightshot tool:

Click here to download Chrome extension

Click here to download Firefox extension

Click here to download app on Windows

Click here to download app on Mac

Other screenshot tools:

Snipping Tool (Windows 10, Free)

Skitch (Mac, Free)

3. Send Your Login Details Securely

In order to do our jobs correctly, we need access to your WordPress site and host (Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, etc.).

We highly recommend sending your sensitive login credentials over a secure and self-destructible network.

You can do this by using the free tool called After you submit your information using this tool, you'll get a unique, secure URL. Paste this URL in our support form below. It will self-destruct once we view the link, which means it will no longer be accessible.

Alternatively, you can supply us your login credentials in our secure form below.

4. State The Browser And Device You're Using

In our support request form below, we ask what browser and device you're using when you're viewing your website. For browser, please specify whether you're using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or some other browser.

For device, please specify if you're using a desktop, tablet, or phone as well as the operating system (Windows or Mac).

Being descriptive here is key for us to better troubleshoot your issue and find a quick solution.

Saying something like "my margins look funny" isn't helpful one bit. A better description is "I am using Google Chrome on a windows PC and my margins look funny on this page:".

5. Include Links, A Descriptive Subject Line, And Enough Details

Please be as thorough and descriptive as possible. The more details you provide, the easier and faster it will be to satisfy your requests.

Saying something like, "update my pricing page" without providing a URL doesn't give us enough details as to what SPECIFICALLY needs to be updated.

Instead, say something like "update the pricing page found here: with the attached picture. Add this picture above the pricing columns." You may want to also include a screenshot so we know exactly where to upload your picture.

Make sure you also add a strong descriptive subject line like "I need to update the pricing page with a pic" instead of "my website needs to be updated".

The more details and specificity the merrier!

6. Send Large Or Different Changes Into Separate Requests

If you have a lot of changes that need to be made on more than one page, we recommend split them up in multiple requests.

We trust you'll use your best judgment here. There's no right or wrong answer.

For example, you want to change multiple items on this URL: You also want to make a lot of changes on this URL: Rather than sending your changes for two completely different URLS into one request, send two separate requests.

Keeping each request clutter-free and specific to one URL or problem guarantees better trackability and resolution times.

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